Society for Interactive Literature West

Ever wish you could...
Be someone else for a while?
Take over for your favorite
fictional characters?
Solve mysteries?
Save the world...
or rule it?
Meet new friends?

is your chance!

June 18-20, 2004
San Jose, California

It's not a trick. You really can be part of the action, and it's easier (and even more fun!) than you think. Live roleplaying games from the Society for Interactive Literature West, let you enter exciting fantasy worlds, where you and scores of other players create your own stories. You'll match wits with each other, find allies and enemies, and triumph using your own creativity, diplomacy, and cunning. Persuade people by really persuading them; talk your way out of tight spots using your quick wits; and join the ranks of the powerful through your clever schemes.

    "Roleplaying games are a cerebral fantasy trip, Cops and Robbers for grownups." -- Scott Marley, Editor, Games Magazine

Roleplaying is simple as the Let's Pretend games you played as a child, and complex and deep as great literature. You take on the role of a fictional character in an imaginary world, and speak and act as you feel that character would, with no script or audience. These are not "killer" games -- we focus on dramatic roleplaying and interaction between characters. Rules are simple and safe, and these games are a great way to meet new people.

    If you're looking for a fun, dynamic fantasy experience that goes way beyond anything possible in traditional games or plays, Interactive Literature is for you.

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